PSM Faculty


How to be an effective faculty member.

Registering PSM Degrees


  • All PSM degree programs or program tracks must be approved by your campus governance, SUNY program review, and the NYS Education Department.
  • To use the "PSM" brand and logo, PSM degrees must also be registered by the PSM team at the Council of Graduate Studies (CGS) in Washington.

Best Practices


  • Schedule focus group meetings to assess industry needs.
  • Do market research and seek input from each PSM advisory board.
  • Attend SUNY PSM statewide and national meetings when feasible.
  • Serve as an advocate for your PSM program.
  • Collaborate closely with your PSM Advisory Board(s).
  • Identify specific attributes in your curriculum and determine metrics to assess your students learning outcomes.
  • Conduct exit surveys with the students and incorporate their suggested improvements into program changes.
  • Track PSM graduates to collect data on employment, starting salary, etc.
  • Review the curriculum regularly.
  • Assign someone to coordinate the PSM internship for the students.
  • Hold PSM showcase/poster sessions to illustrate the skills and talents of your students.
  • Invite employers to functions that promote interaction.
  • Include laboratory experiences to ensure that students get practical
    hands-on experience.

Faculty Buy-in and Benefits to the Faculty


  • Demonstrate the benefits of PSM programs to the faculty.
  • Meet periodically with PSM faculty and advisory board members to discuss PSM
    related issues.
  • Encourage your senior administrations commitment to your PSM program(s).
  • Financing the PSM


    • Seek external funding through NSF, other government agencies and private foundations.
    • Consider charging a program fee or surcharge fee for the PSM program to deliver
      “plus” courses.
    • Share “plus” courses with other campuses and also consider sharing other specialized PSM courses, in order to create additonal sustainable enrollments.
    • Seek paid internships for students to help offset the tuition costs of the program.



    • Create a separate website for the PSM program and link other PSM programs.
    • Update your PSM website and print materials regularly.