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The SUNY PSM thrives on its partnerships with business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. These partnerships create mutually beneficial value for your organization and for the campuses in the SUNY PSM Consortium.

Advantages of Hiring PSM Students


Advanced scientific and technical training in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career fields, as well as valued business skills.

"Real world" experience beyond a typical master’s degree. Instead of
a thesis, most PSM graduates are required to do an internship in a relevant business or public sector organization and a collaborative research project.

PSM's are multidisciplinary. PSM graduates bring the skills of science and
business together.

Strong communication skills are gained through multiple collaborative team projects and presentations.

Innovative problem solving skills are obtained from their experience with the PSM capstone which is usually a team-oriented, multidisciplinary project addressing challenges and opportunities in the real world. This prepares graduates to hit the ground running upon graduation.


A core component of the SUNY PSM programs, mentoring through internships provides a cost-effective way to engage well-trained and motivated graduate students to deliver value to your company.

Internships provide students with meaningful, hands-on work experience and are a great way to recruit the best and brightest business oriented science students.

Serving on an Advisory Board


Advisory boards provide consistent networking opportunities between SUNY PSM programs, industry partners, and student representatives. Business professionals serving on an advisory board gain an advantage for their company and for the recruitment of new professionals. Board participants provide input on continuous development of PSM programs to ensure the program is fulfilling the needs of the business community.

How can I get involved?


  • Offer internships, paid if possible.
  • Participate in curriculum development programs, whether involved in an advisory board or not.
  • Present real world examples for use in classes and projects. This will provide exposure to scenarios that may arise when graduates are working in a business environment.
  • Offer to serve on PSM advisory boards. The benefits from contributing to the development of a PSM program are invaluable.

"PSM graduates can be key players in helping companies transition from initial research and development into commercialization, through their dual preparation in science and business."

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